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It is said that pearl powder can regenerate muscles and bone structure. Pearl powder is one of the leading oriental cures and preventive medicine for osteoporosis, which affects most adult women. Even people who suffer with cataracts can be cured with it. Ground pearls is said to cleanse the body from liver-fire which causes cataracts and eye redness. Pearl powder is definitely known to have an indirect cure for sleeplessness in patients.

When there are chemical and hormonal imbalances in the body, it can cause such ailments as mild amnesia, nervous breakdowns, depressions pearl powder is said to counteract these imbalances. Most people today use pearl powder in creams and lotions, mainly for blemishes and as an anti-aging agent. At Aloha Pearls we use pearl powder in all of our bath and body items. We have bath gels, made from natural kukui oil and noni, that rejuvenate skin cells and comes in such wonderful scents. We also have Gift Box Roses which are soaps that are colored and shaped to look like roses. Aloha Pearls bath salts, loofah soaps, lotions and creams, are all made with pearl powder.

These bath and body products make the best gifts for weddings, Christmas or any occasion. A new item is our paper soaps which are thin paper like flower pedals shaped like plumeria flowers and scented as well. paper soap dolphin cut-outs of different colors are also available. These items are 99% natural with honey and pearl powder mixed into the ingredients. that are actually soaps.

Our traditional bath soaps with loofah sponge embedded in the bars also have pearl powder and natural ingredients within them. These gift bundles of assorted soaps have loofah shredded throughout the bars to give texture while using. The pearl powder is mixed with the soap ingredients to aid in skin cell rejuvenation. There are other products in this category that are artistically crafted and are just elegant, as well as healthy and natural. The pure pearl powder can be purchased in attractive containers for many medical and cosmetic uses. Because of the pearl powder texture, it also works like pumice and can be used for polishing certain surfaces. The many uses of pearl powder have not been exhausted. The pearl is truly wonderful in every way and as long as we keep our oceans and lakes free of pollution, these organisms will continue to mystify us.

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All About Pearl Powder

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This article was published on 2010/08/23