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Department Mother's Day send her a did gift pearls In fact, pearl (Pearl factory) was an ancient organic gemstone , production in pearl oyster and pearl shellfish mollusks , the endocrine role of produced with calcium carbonate minerals beads , is a large tiny of aragonite crystals collection of Made . pearl shapes A variety of , round, pear, egg , teardrop -shaped , button -shaped and arbitrary -shaped , in which round is better. Non- homogeneous body. colors there are a variety of If white , pink , yellow , light green, light blue , brown , lavender , black , etc. , in white . White streaks. With classic pearl luster , soft gloss and with a rainbow halo color .

Pearl Powder by Janet (Pearl factory) beads ground into , with pearl powder is a tranquilizer the frightened eyes and eliminate shade , detoxification myogenic , whitening, cleansing effect, women use beauty effect. both in ancient Yu Now are recorded Pearl , by the women welcome. Chinese medicine practitioners the relevant Meaning that Pearl ( Pearl factory ) itself has the frightened and expectorant and sedative medicinal value. Round pearls will be used to make jewelry, appearance than variations in would normally be ground to powder , as a Chinese medicine . Pearl powder is a pediatric drugs, often for children water take to be scared , expectorant . Some of Bo Ying Dan Within also contains pearl powder ingredients. As for the shell ground into powder also the frightened and rate the wind effect , but its price is a real with pearl ground into pearl powder one per cent of medicinal value are also very different. Therefore, Mother's Day to send gifts to serve the mother's time to pay attention to under friends.

Back in 2003 when the was still high school kitty in Mother's Day Time to buy a cheap pearl powder sent to serve own higher in gifts, but the use of cheap pearl powder a few days later face appears red and swollen , she used a variety of drugs treatment after did not improve , but become more serious. Treatment of six months not only did not improve, and the face, neck, loose skin growing , face and 70 -year-old grandmother similar. has also to Beijing do face lift surgery, but lesions of skin then quickly re-growth out wrinkles , such as the old.

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gift pearls

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This article was published on 2010/09/28