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Pinctada Magaritifera is the name of the Tahitian oyster that produces the famous black pearl. These giant gems are new to eh world of pearls. During the mid seventies, these pearls came on to the world market. The pearls are a saturated green with rose overtones. These beautiful pearls conjure up images of romantic beaches, crystal oceans, tropical sunsets and starry Polynesian nights. When worn, these lovely giant pearls gives the wearer a sense of well being and it increases the beauty of those who wear these gorgeous jewels of the sea.

Tahitian pearls reside in remote regions of the Pacific Ocean. French Polynesian atolls are ideal for raising these unique oysters. It takes about two years to produce a nice size pearl. These pearls range in sizes of 8 mm to 6mm. Occasionally an oyster may produce a 18mm pearl. The largest on record as of 1998, is 26.95mm. As for the shapes of these pearls, they come in spherical, symmetrical and baroque (odd shaped).

The colors are peacock, aubergine and pistachio, generally. Other colors such as: avocado, cherry, blueberry, gray-green and silver is also available in these oysters. From these statements, you can see that Tahitian black pearls are not all black, but a variety of dark colors.

An intricately designed Tahitian pearl pendant of a golden dolphin with a black Tahitian pearl and a south sea golden pearl attached to the tail fluke and set in diamonds is one of our favorites. A 16 mm peacock Tahitian pearl of teardrop shape, with a 14 k gold pineapple crown that caps this south sea jewel is a tropical delight. We have a beautifully crafted octopus made of 14 k gold and this pelagic creature grasps a fantastic peacock pearl in its eight tentacles and has two small diamonds for eyes. This pendant also comes in a large silvery white south sea pearl and a Tahitian chocolate pearl.

Chocolate Tahitian pearls are becoming more popular. Many customers are asking for them as soon as they inter our store. A lovely graduated Tahitian chocolate pearl necklace of 18 inches has nearly flawless pearls ranging from 10.5 mm to 14.0 mm with a 14 k gold ball clasp. There are several strands of these large pearl necklaces that are available in our store.

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Pearl Jewelry in Tahitian Pearls

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This article was published on 2010/07/14